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National Student Clearinghouse Research Center Reports on the Impact of COVID-19 on Student Outcomes

The National Student Clearinghouse® Research Center™regularly publishes research that supports education, workforce, and learner success. Their research offers objective data and insights about student enrollment, mobility, completion, and other important student outcomes that are visible only through the Clearinghouse data. Their nationwide network of nearly 3,600…
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For Your Toolbox: NSC StudentTracker for High Schools Tips and Tricks

The National College Attainment Network (NCAN) offers a lot of great resources for its members to understand the National Student Clearinghouse’s StudentTracker for high schools. Outlined below are some resources shared by Bill DeBaun, Director of Data & Evaluation at NCAN: A good place to…
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Learn How to Sign Up for NSC’s StudentTracker for High Schools

Bill DeBaun, the Director of Data and Evaluation at the National College Attainment Network, provides some instructions (with quick tips and tricks) on how to sign up for the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)’s StudentTracker for those seeking to better understand high school students’ postsecondary outcomes.…
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Using ESSER Funds for GuidEd Insight

Published: September 21, 2021 Using ESSER Funds for GuidEd Insight GuidEd Insight is aware of the continually shifting funding sources and difficulty districts face finding and procuring funds for data and equity solutions like ours. Your State Educational Agency (SEA) has received America Recovery Plan…