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GuidEd Insight is the all-in-one data insights tool that gives educators, advisors, and administrators the insight they need to improve postsecondary outcomes for every student.
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Make complex postsecondary data easy to understand with standardized metrics and customized reporting that takes seconds to generate instead of days.

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Pay attention to what matters and help ensure equitable access to opportunity for each and every student.



Get actionable data into the hands of high school and community-based advisors and administrators who support students.

Partner for Educational Equity

Improve equity for every high school student

Partner for Educational Equity Demo

Let's work together to improve equity for high school students. Join our live demo to learn about our new equity partnership initiative to provide you with unique clarity about where inequities exist in your student population. You will also learn how to help your school district…

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OneGoal Partnership

OneGoal and GuidEd Insight have partnered to close equity gaps. Watch the video to learn more about the partnership from Andrew Schmitz, the Managing Director of Secondary Partnerships at OneGoal. Learn more about Andrew at Our Staff | OneGoal ( Learn about OneGoal's work through…

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NCAN Expresses their Strong Support of GuidEd Insight

"GuidEd Insight Will Visualize Outcomes Data and Then Transform How We Use It" Posted by: Bill DeBaun, Director of Data and Evaluation at NCAN: The GuidEd Insight team is honored to receive rave reviews of our data analysis and visualization tool from well-respected contributors in…

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Degrees of Change and GuidEd Insight are well-positioned to transform practitioners’ use of data, NSC and otherwise, by making actionable insights easy to obtain and clear to understand.
Bill DeBaun
Bill DeBaun
Director of Data and Evaluation
National College Attainment Network
As a long-time National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) StudentTracker user, I can say with certainty that GuidEd Insight is desperately needed in the field.
David Ford
David Ford
Director AEA PREP
Postsecondary Readiness & Equity Partnership

Actionable Insights

Visualize student college success, demographic and program participation data, identify opportunities, pinpoint gaps, and help students get the support they need to achieve success.
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