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GuidEd Insight helps Community Based Organizations (CBOs) evaluate the impact of their programs on college enrollment, persistence, and completion. CBOs can quickly identify equity gaps, leverage data to guide students’ college selection decisions, and determine which students need immediate outreach and support in college.
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Benefits of GuidEd Insight

Evaluate Program Impact

Evaluate Program Impact

Quickly evaluate your program’s impact on college enrollment, persistence and completion outcomes overall and for subgroups of students. Select among a comprehensive menu of standardized metrics for easy grant reporting.

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Provide Timely Outreach

Identify students who did not enroll in college, stopped out, or are currently enrolled so that you can provide timely outreach and support to help them complete their degrees or training.

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Support College Selection

Guide and prepare your students for successful college outcomes by understanding where different students excel and where they need additional support.

Quickly gain the insights you need to improve student futures

Built to empower and uplift students, GuidEd Insight brings an equity lens to the college selection process and gives students their best shot at success after graduating high school. We give you the insights to improve college prep courses, help students explore the best schools, and support them throughout college with one cohesive solution.

Evaluate program impactProgram Impact Report

Assess the impact of your program or programs and other specific interventions on college enrollment, persistence, and completion.  Leverage these unique insights to understand which programs are serving which students best, optimize your resources, and ensure that no student gets left behind.

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The Program Impact report identifies the associated impact of program participation on college outcomes. This enables staff to understand which programs are most impactful and which students are being underserved. Likewise, staff can allocate more resources to successful programs and refine programs that are not as effective.

Some of the key insights available in this report include:
  • Evaluate the impact of programs on college success
  • Determine if college prep programs are working
  • Understand which group of students are being served best by which programs
  • Compare the impact of up to 10 customizable courses or programs simultaneously
  • Disaggregate results by different demographic groups

Outreach InsightsProvide timely outreach

Connect with students in need of support to increase post secondary success of all high school graduates within your programs and close equity gaps in college outcomes.

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The Outreach Insight report identifies groups of students who need outreach and support. Staff can reach out to students who never enrolled in college upon graduation to help prevent summer melt. Staff and community partners can reach out to students who started college but stopped out before completion to ensure that they persist and graduate by connecting them with helpful resources.

Some of the key insights available in this report include:
  • Identify students who did not enroll in college
  • Identify students who stopped out after enrolling in college
  • Identify students who graduated from college

College Selection ReportSupport college selection

Ensure that students consider all of their college options, select the best college for their needs, and prevent college undermatching by reviewing the outcomes of past program participants with similar attributes and academic performance at a specific college.

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The College Selection report assists advisors in helping students navigate the complexities of the college environment. Staff are able to advise students in their college selection decisions based on various demographics. This allows students to be better prepared for hurdles they might encounter at a particular institution.

Some of the key insights available in this report include:
  • Confidently advise students in their college selection decision
  • Help students select colleges where they are most likely to be well-supported
  • Understand the outcomes of your students by college
  • Understand which colleges have best supported different groups of students best
Degrees of Change and GuidEd Insight are well-positioned to transform practitioners’ use of data, NSC and otherwise, by making actionable insights easy to obtain and clear to understand.
Bill DeBaun
Bill DeBaun
Director of Data and Evaluation
National College Attainment Network

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