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Whether you are an advisor, administrator, or researcher, GuidEd Insight offers a comprehensive menu of standardized, research-based measures of college enrollment, persistence, and completion to help you quickly understand postsecondary outcomes and equity gaps for your students.

GuidEdInsight 3Furthermore, you can evaluate program impact on postsecondary success, follow each student’s term-by-term college journey, identify students needing outreach and support, and support college advising by understanding which colleges have best supported students from your district or program.

You can also ask your questions using natural language, and users with administrator or researcher permissions can export the data for further analysis. School district administrators and high school and community-based advisors get individual logins to securely access GuidEd Insight data and reports for their own students.

Student Success

Compare college enrollment, persistence and completion rates for different groups of your students over time.

Outreach Insights

Quickly identify students who did not enroll in college, stopped out, or are currently enrolled so that you can provide timely outreach and support to help them complete their degrees or training.

College Selection

Help students find the right college and maximize their likelihood for success by reviewing the outcomes of demographically and academically similar students from the same high school or district at a specific college.

Student Journey

Visually follow each student's term-by-term college journey from dual enrollment while in high school to earning credentials, two-year, four-year, and advanced degrees.

Equity Insight

Identify potential gaps in college enrollment, persistence, and completion by gender, race/ethnicity, family income, and other important student characteristics at the program, school, district, and college levels and examine trends over time.


Export one row of data per student with pre-calculated metrics for further analysis.

Ask the Data

Ask questions using natural language and receive answers in the form of intuitive visualizations. This feature is in beta and includes natural language, predictive and suggestive search.

Program Impact

Evaluate the impact of up to 10 customizable college prep and success programs (e.g., AVID, TRiO) and courses (e.g., AP, IB) on college enrollment, persistence, and completion and leverage these unique insights to understand the impact on students.

Insight Beacon

Our commitment to empowering you to support students and promote equitable outcomes with actionable college outcome data insights.

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