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Partner for Educational Equity Demo

Let’s work together to improve equity for high school students.

Join our live demo to learn about our new equity partnership initiative to provide you with unique clarity about where inequities exist in your student population. You will also learn how to help your school district or community-based organization use GuidEd Insight to increase college success for each and every student like never before.

In this live demo, you will learn how GuidEd Insight can: 

  • assist you in helping your stakeholders identify and close equity gaps.
  • help you use data to assist the administrators you serve to improve college access and success for each and every student.
  • enable your administrators to understand how well their programs are preparing and/or supporting students from each demographic group for college enrollment, persistence, and graduation.
  • provide you with guidance for supporting students that will increase the likelihood of collegiate success.
  • enable your staff to visualize, interpret, and leverage National Student Clearinghouse data.
  • help you earn additional revenue by promoting the GuidEd Insight tool.

Partner for Educational Equity Demo

Learn how OneGoal and GuidEd Insight have partnered to close equity gaps

Watch this video to hear from Andrew Schmitz, the Managing Director of Secondary Partnerships at OneGoal