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GuidEd Insight Set to Provide Users with Postsecondary Data Analysis and Visualization to Help Close Equity Gaps

GuidEd Insight set to provide users with postsecondary data analysis and visualization to help close equity gaps

GuidEd Insight empowers school districts and community-based organizations with postsecondary data analysis and visualization to help close equity gaps.

GuidEd Insight enables administrators and student-facing staff to quickly visualize and compare postsecondary outcomes by school, program and demographic group over time; evaluate the impact of college preparation courses and programs on college enrollment and completion; and visualize each student’s postsecondary journey. Staff can leverage these insights to allocate resources more effectively to help students achieve success and close equity gaps.

“Partnering with educators will advance our efforts to get actionable enrollment, persistence, and completion insights into the hands of administrators, advisers, counselors, and community-based organization staff,” explains Degrees of Change CEO Dr. Tim Herron.

Bill DeBaun, National College Attainment Network (NCAN) Director of Data & Evaluation shares, “GuidEd Insight is well-positioned to transform practitioners’ use of data, NSC and otherwise, by making actionable insights easy to obtain and clear to understand.”

With this tool, staff can instantly assess the impact of college prep and success programs (e.g., AVID, TriO) and courses (e.g., AP, IB) on college enrollment, persistence and completion. They can also compare postsecondary outcomes for schools and programs side by side, disaggregating further by student demographics to identify equity gaps. Staff can leverage these unique insights to understand which programs are serving which students best, optimize resources, and ensure that no student gets left behind.

In partnership with NCAN’s Common Measures Learning Community and the Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationGuidEd Insight emerged from and continues to be shaped by the experience and insight of many partners on the frontlines of college access and success work. GuidEd Insight is part of Degrees of Change, a non-profit organization that prepares diverse, homegrown leaders to succeed in college and their career in order to build more vibrant and equitable communities.   

To find out how GuidEd Insight can help you utilize the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) StudentTracker data to best support your students, reach out to us today. 


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