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Improve college outcomes for every student

We know first hand that ensuring postsecondary success of your students means navigating a lot of uncertainty and doubt. One of the biggest challenges that many organizations face is accessing data to close equity gaps and to support students in postsecondary education and training.

GuidEd Insight℠ has been built specifically to help educators, advisors and administrators analyze institutional data and National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) data for better decision making. With GuidEd Insight, it is easy to upload and visualize college enrollment data. Plus, you will gain access to the insights you need to support the postsecondary success for every student.

College Fit, Student Journey

Support Tools

Student Success

Student Success
Compare college enrollment, persistence and completion rates for different groups of your students over time

Outreach Insights


Outreach Insight
Quickly identify students who did not enroll, stopped out or are currently enrolled so that you can provide timely outreach and support to help them complete their degrees

College Selection
College Selection
Support college advising by reviewing college-specific data and outcomes of demographically and academically similar students from your high school or program
Student Journey
Student Journey
Visually follow each student's term-by-term college journey for dual enrollment while in high school, to earning credentials, two-year, four-year and advanced degrees
Equity Insight


Equity Insight 
Close equity gaps by disaggregating college outcomes by demographic group 



Export records of student-level data and pre-calculated metrics for further analysis 

Ask the Data

Ask the Data
Ask questions of the data using natural language

Program Impact

Program Impact
Evaluate the impact of college preparation programs and courses of college enrollment, persistence and completion

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Your confidential student data is safe with GuidEd Insight. All data is uploaded over a secure, encrypted connection. We do not store Social Security numbers in our system, and we never share any personally identifiable student data with anyone. 
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Our Partners

GuidEd Insight was developed with the help of many partners. NCAN (the National College Attainment Network) - and many of the 20 participant programs in the Common Measures Learning Community - provided critical feedback in the development of the Visualizer. We are particularly grateful for the 15 college success programs who signed on as early backers in our initial crowd-funding campaign. Development of GuidEd Insight, the next generation of Foyost is being funded by investment from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
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